The Spectacular CN Tower with Glass Elevator

Rocket 58 seconds in one of six glass-fronted elevators to the LookOut Level located at 346m / 1,136 feet with breathtaking views.  With floor-to-ceiling glass, this new viewing opportunity provides universal access for everyone, including those with mobility challenges.  Frankie Kao From the LookOut level, you will experience an eye-opening, mind-blowing new perspective on the most spectacular views […]

How Carillion Unmasked the Construction Industry

Sometimes, things have to get worse, before they get better, so people say. Well, as regards public perception and corporate credibility, the construction industry in the UK must be ready to pivot. Last year saw the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire. Then, at the start of 2018, came Carillion. The consensus view emerging appears […]

The Interesting Life inside a Lighthouse without Internet

Beginning with the lighting of the Fort Gratiot Light in 1825, and continuing until 1983, when the last manually operated lighthouse in Michigan was automated, lighthouse keepers kept the lights lit each night. Things that I remember most about his duties were, there seemed to always be a paintbrush in his hand. ….. The government […]

Monochromatic Outfits for Fall with Elza Fashion

Sticking to a one-color uniform makes you look put together—even when you’ve actually pressed snooze six times. The trick the mastering it? Don’t take it too seriously. Whether you want to match everything with precision or mix it up within the same color family, you’ll be getting compliments from your first class to your last. […]

How to Create a Workspace that Improves Productivity

Every day, businesses encourage their employees to be more productive. But in an office setting, what exactly does that mean?  Wondering how to create a productive work environment? Fertsch shared her tips for creating a workspace that promotes productivity and keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Unsplash – Inspiration und kostenlose Bilder.

Kenya Safari, Juni 2006

Egal ob beim privaten Weblog oder Blog für das Unternehmen, die Artikel wirken ein vielfaches authentischer,  wenn die Bilder selber aufgenommen wurden. Viel zu oft werden leider noch Stockfotos verwendet um die Beiträge visuell aufzuwerten. Es gibt aber Stockfotos, denen sieht man es sofort an, dass die günstig eingekauft wurden. Meiner Meinung nach wertet das einen […]